Private services

Do you need to buy your next car?
But are you unsure about the market’s development and all the new technical concepts that follow in the wake of the electric cars?

EV-Consult provides impartial advice!
Whether it is about charging times, technical specifications, or something completely third? No questions are wrong.

Let EV-Consult join you from the start, the next time you have to choose a car, so we can find the electric car that suits your everyday life and needs!

On average, you can save DKK 1,500 a month in the car budget by replacing the fuel truck with an electric car. Even the most fuel-saving gasoline and diesel cars, there will be a financial gain in replacing a new electric car.
EV-Consult can help calculate and compare the budget of the car you have now and the electric car you go and dream about.
Contact EV-Consult next time you choose a car, and let me help you save money and experience a whole new kind of driving pleasure!

Does your company need to buy a new fleet?

Electric cars are often more expensive to buy than fuel cars, but when does the curve turn?
EV-Consult offers a complete analysis of your needs!
Through smart planning, fleet management, route optimization, and the high reach modern electric cars have, reaching today’s tasks is no problem.

Get an emission comparison of the car you have now and the electric car you dream of!

See the difference in how much CO2 and NOx cars actually emit from cradle to grave.
Included in the calculation are both average electricity production and electricity production from renewable energy sources.
All in accordance with the Climate Council’s report.

Now it can hardly get any better, and yet. Did you know that electric cars are generally safer when involved in accidents than fuel cars?
The location of the battery pack affects the car’s center of gravity. This means that electric cars have a lower risk of rolling around, and perform better in quick evasive maneuvers. In addition, the deformation zones are larger and can therefore absorb more energy in a collision.

However, when servicing, accident or fire, there are new precautions to keep in mind.
EV-Consult offers a safety course for the company’s employees and drivers.

Are you ready for change?

Preparing for a big shift in mobility

EV-Consult offers to give lectures on e-mobility and the transition it requires from the consumer and the community.
EV’s has led to disruption in the car industry, and so far has affected everything from registration tax, ownership, living, ethics and morals.
For the first time since Henry Ford introduced mass production, the automotive industry may be on the brink of the Second Revolution – and this one is driven by digitalization.
More than a dozen technological trends are evolving in the industry, yet only 4 show the potential for radical disruptions: electric cars, connectivity, shared mobility and automated driving. As the future of the automotive industry is so full of uncertainty, industry players need to assess what effect this will have on business.