About EV Consult

Daniel Dalsgaard, Owner of EV Consult
At EV Consult we have a passion for electric cars and their ability to make the world more sustainable. Electric car's success is due to:

EV Consult has a passion for electric cars and their ability to make the world more sustainable.
The success of the electric car is due to:


Lower service costs (there are no oil, spark plugs, air filters, etc. to be replaced, and less moving parts in the drive line that can break)


Save money! (An average person can save up to DKK 1500 in fuel, maintenance, insurance and bank financing)


An automatic built-in cabin heater system is often included.


If the accident happens, then electric cars are generally safer to accident due to larger deformation zones and additionally the battery’s location creates a lower center of gravity in the car, which results in better driving characteristics in avoidance maneuver.


Start the day fully “refueled” with home charging.


The unmatched energy efficiency of the electric motor exceeds 90% (in comparison, the diesel engine’s energy efficiency is 30-35% and the gasoline engine is 20-25%)

At current average Danish power production:

Electric cars 91g CO2 imprint per kilometers driven

Gasoline 211g CO2 imprint kilometers driven

Diesel 170g CO2 imprint kilometers driven

Hybrid 171g CO2 imprint kilometers driven

(With higher production of renewable electricity, the CO2 footprint drops further for electric cars).

Over %
Energy efficiency
Less costs
% less CO₂
impr. kilometers driven
EV Consult is adaptable, passionate and committed to making the world a better place.

Let’s create a better future for the next generation.