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EV Consult offers professional and impartial advice in the field of electric car.

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About EV Consult

With a background in the auto industry, and with hybrid car development and optimization on the CV, EV Consult is technically equipped to provide support and advice. With a high knowledge of green innovation and a passion for green change, I offer tailor-made services according to the specific needs of the customers.
The major conversion to electric cars in the Danish car market and the rest of the world is well under way, whether consumers want it or not. In order to comply with the emission requirements of the latest EURO standards, car manufacturers are forced to develop new technologies that affect both consumers and the auto industry. Therefore, there is also a growing need for advice on this.
EV Consult helps with finances, engineering, support, consulting, lectures and much more.

EV Consult prioritizes quality and service first, and takes pride in advising both the private and the auto industry to the highest customer satisfaction.

Contact EV Consult for professional advice on a future with electric cars.